Purple™ Gel Seat Cushions

Purple Gel Cushion LogoPurple™ seat cushions are perfect as a car seat cushion, or stadium seat cushions or for airline seats or anywhere you want extended and reliable comfort.

Purple™ seat cushions are a dry polymer gel seat cushion that has proven to provide extended comfort to over-the-road truck drivers as well as to those who experience lower back pain from sitting.  Finally sit on a comfort seat cushion where you will not “hit bottom” regardless of one’s weight or shape.  The buckling column technology in Purple™ seat cushions will keep you sitting on top of the cushion while relieving stress on the boney parts of your posterior (butt bones or tail bone). They also relieve for thick wallets.  Additionally, Purple™ seat cushions do not lose their resilience from frequent use as happens with any and all types of foam cushions.

Check out the various Purple™ Seat Cushions: