Simply Purple™ Gel Seat Cushion

Simply Purple™ Gel Seat Cushion

Simply Purple™ gel seat cushion is a superior answer for a car seat cushion as opposed to a memory foam car seat cushion.

Many people find the Simply Purple™ gel seat cushion as the best gel comfort seat for everyday use around their house – in the office, on their kitchen chair or recliner as well they use is as a car seat cushion. They experience extended comfort because they never “Hit Bottom” as happens with all foam cushions including the memory foam seat cushion.

The Simply Purple™ Gel Seat Cushion

  • Full 18″ x 16″ cushion
  • 1.25″ of ultra-plush supportive gel
  • Deluxe, washable cover (black)
  • Carry handle
  • Environmentally friendly

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