EquaGel® Basic Cushion


The Basic Cushion is one of EquaGel’s® best gel cushions for simple comfort in wheelchairs, in the car and around the house – according to skilled rehab facilities, long term facilities and other care facilities.

The EquaGel® Basic cushion is a flat cushion incorporating the 2-stage gel configuration. Much of its popularity with skilled nursing facilities is its portable, low profile (1 3/8” high) ease of use while providing maximum comfort.

The EquaGel® General Cushion will provide the user with extended comfort, assist in positioning and will aid to prevent pressure sores. This cushion also aids in wound care treatment.

While the EquaGel® Basic Wheelchair Seat Cushion is not coded for Medicare reimbursement, it will provide the user with extended comfort while aiding to prevent pressure sores. This cushion also aids in wound care treatment.

EquaGel® Basic Wheelchair Seat Cushions specifications:

  • 100% EquaGel(r) 2-Stage Gel
  • 1st Stage (Top) has small open cells with thin walls for comfort
  • 2nd Stage (Bottom) has larger cells with thick walls for support
  • 1-3/8″ High
  • Fluid-resistant, vapor-permeable and flame-resistant cover

EquaGel® Basic Wheelchair Seat Cushions are available in one size – 18″ x 16″ (you can rotate it 90 degrees for a 16″ x 18″)

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