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Man in wheelchair with a roll n go gel cushionGelTechCo is the exclusive distributor of EquaGel® wheelchair cushions to Physical Therapists, rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, other long-term care facilities and the general public.  EquaGel® cushions have been identified by skilled nursing professionals as the best cushions for extended comfort as well as the paramount gel cushion for preventing pressure sores.  Those professionals have also found the EquaGel® cushions to be unsurpassed in the treatment of pressure ulcers.

The advanced buckling gel cushion technology found in the EquaGel® cushions was developed in 1995 by EdiZone, LLC and has been proven to be far superior to all other cushioning technologies ever produced. When used in seat cushioning, it is the only technology that provides total comfort to people of all sizes, all weights and all shapes because one does not “Hit Bottom” on a buckling gel cushion. Additionally, EquaGel® cushions do not sit “Hot” as do cushions made of other materials.

The people of GelTechCo have worked with the developer/manufacturer of EquaGel® since 2006 and are the most knowledgeable representatives of all products using the buckling gel cushion technology.

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Ask The Experts

EquaGel cushions provide you with a lot of great choices.  If you need help deciding which cushion will best fit your requirements, give us a call at (888) 565-3339, we’d be happy to help!

“Thanks to Dave whom I spoke to this morning (11-21-2020) about which cushion to purchase.  You really helped me decide.  Thanks for your assistance and expertise.  I know my Mom will LOVE her new EquaGel Straight Comfort Cushion.  I want to help my 94 yr. old precious Mother prevent an ulcer on her bum… (cushion received) That cushion is really helping my Mom’s bottom ALREADY!  It’s been 2.5 days and I’m astounded how much better her bottom looks – there’s blood flow and the purpleness is almost gone.  She’s actually getting her “pink” bottom back – that proves there’s blood flow!!!

I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful product(s).

Julie B., Madison, AL

Interested In Selling Equagel Cushions?

If you would like to be sell the medical grade Equagel cushions to your clients or customer base directly, contact GelTechCo’s sister company, Marketing Concepts, LLC at (303) 210-5392 or email at

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