Professionals and users praise the comfort and protection provided by EquaGel wheelchair cushions.

All testimonials of the EquaGel wheelchair cushions below have been provided by wound care nurses, restorative nurses, physical therapists, home health care professionals and users who have taken the time to put their comments in writing.

“One of my residents had a surgical flap and his healing was not progressing on the ROHO cushion. I changed his cushion to an EquaGel and am very satisfied with the results.”

Jack G. – DON – Columbine Manor, Salida, CO

My experience with the EquaGel cushions is limited to only two clients, however both were positive. One elderly gentleman was very uncomfortable in his wheelchair, and experienced significant relief of discomfort with the General cushion model. My second client, a developmentally disabled young woman in a wheelchair fulltime, has been using the Basic cushion for about 6 months without any discomfort or pressure sores (she had a history of skin redness, but needed something thin to allow stand pivot transfers).

The materials in this cushion are very unique – there is nothing quite like it on the market. I do think it has the potential to provide good pressure distribution as well as postural stability (two things which are hard to get together in one cushion).

So, while I can’t give an official endorsement of the EquaGel cushions, I think they have unique features!

Kelly, PT, MAPT, ATP| Clinic Coordinator/Senior Instructor


When my Dad first started complaining that his bottom hurt, I ordered him an EquaGel cushion. During these four years my Dad experienced Chemo, Radiation, and Debilitation and spent a lot of time sitting, but NEVER, ever did my Dad complain of his bottom hurting again. He sat on the cushion wherever he was (hospital bed, hospital chair, recliner at home, in car). I’ve encouraged many of my patients to purchase these cushions (I’m a Home Health Therapist) and they seem to prevent skin breakdown or help heal any breakdown that is occurring. A good investment for skin integrity !

Deena, OTR
Colorado Plains Medical Center

“I have used the EquaGel cushions under several of my residents who are very susceptible to skin breakdown and have been very happy with the results.”

Amanda G. – DON – Vista Grande Inn, Cortez, CO

“ I like this cushion. It is better than the ROHO cushion that I had. I had been on the ROHO cushion for 4 weeks and my skin wound was not healing. I have only been on this EquaGel cushion 4 days and my wound is beginning to heal. I like this cushion.”

Jackie W. (The cushion that Jackie is using is the EquaGel General Cushion)
A patient at Advanced Healthcare of Aurora, CO

“Our facility began using the EquaGel cushions several years ago. We were so impressed with the comfort and protection that they provide that we now put them under all of our clients. We now have the lowest incidents of skin issues that we have ever had on record.”

Karen H., MDS Coordinator
Our Lady of Consolation Rehab – West Islip, NY

“I placed an EquaGel cushion under one of our residents, who was very susceptible to skin breakdown, and her current wound fully healed in three weeks. Keeping her on the EquaGel cushion has also prevented any further skin issues.”

Cheryl C., PTA, RC
Vista Grande Inn – Cortez, CO

“We began using the EquaGel Roll n’ Go cushions several years ago with our residents who were most at risk for pressure ulcers. From that time on, our incidents of skin issues has dropped to almost zero.”

Melinda, Dir Rehab
Juniper Village – Monte Vista, CO

“We love the EquaGel cushions. They have “turned around” a number of skin issues quickly!”

Lin P
Regional Rehab Services Manager
InnovAge Greater Colorado PACE Centers

One of our residents that has experienced repeat skin breakdown on her hip has been free of breakdown since we applied the EquaGel cushion. Thanks!

Angie D, DON
E. Dene Moore Care Center – Rifle, CO

I received a loaner EquaGel cushion to test and evaluate prior to purchasing any for our facility. I put the loaner under a resident who was at stage 3 with a pressure wound. At the end of the 3-week loan period, my client was fully healed.

Jennifer P., DIR
Holly Heights Care Ctr. – Denver, CO

The EquaGel sample cushions that we received are durable, comfortable and very beneficial for our wound care patients. The patients who have experienced the pressure relief and air flow of the cushions have been highly satisfied. Our wound care nurse works closely with the Medical Director who recommends only a ROHO cushion for all of our wound care patients. After sampling these cushions, she is willing to use this brand to relieve pressure and assist in healing wounds. The cost of the cushion as compared to the ROHO cushion is more economical for the facility.

Beth B. OTD, OTR/L
Life Care Center of Red Bank, TN

It was so helpful to have someone to discuss which cushion would best fit my needs as there are so many conflicting comments written on various (web)sites. I had previously bought a memory foam cushion which was unsatisfactory. The EquaGel cushion is not as soft to sit on as the memory foam cushion but does not collapse. It provides much more comfort and I can now sit for extended periods of time without discomfort. I would recommend calling to discuss which cushion best suits an individual’s need; prices were even better than other sites. I am extremely satisfied with the EquaGel cushion. My search for comfortable seating is now complete.

Jan W.
King City, ON Canada

If I were asked, “Don, do you think the Roll n’ Go cushion helped heal your wound?” I would answer, ” Only after using the Roll n’ Go everyday for a week did my wound show signs of it’s beginning to heal.”

Don B.
Parker, CO