About Us

Before you buy a wheelchair cushion from a company that offers every cushion in the world, check out GelTechCo who only offers the best cushions for wheelchairs and other mobility devices available.

Who We Are

Dave and Nancy PaulDave Paul and Nancy Paul are the joint owners of The Gel Technology Company (GelTechCo). The company began operations as an independent distributor of products using the buckling column technology in 2009.  Prior to 2009 Dave was a sales and marketing consultant for EdiZONE, LLC, the developers and manufacturers of products using the buckling column technology.

Dave learned about all the various types of cushioning including the buckling column technology during his tenure with EdiZONE.  With that knowledge, he readily understood why cushioning using the buckling column technology was far superior to ANY other type of cushioning.  Therefore, at the end of his contract with EdiZONE, Dave asked, and was granted the opportunity, to independently represent EdiZONE and the buckling column technology.  GelTechCo was the very first authorized distributor of EquaGel cushions.

At that point in time, the only seat cushion available from EdiZONE were some general purpose cushions. With the knowledge that people who sit for long periods of time would benefit from the extended comfort provided by the buckling gel technology, Dave began showing the cushion to nursing facilities for use by their residents as a wheelchair cushion.  Immediate and very positive reports began coming back from those skilled nursing facilities who tried the seat cushions.  This feedback encouraged EdiZONE to begin an investigation into the wheelchair cushion marketplace.  What the manufacturer found from their investigations was exactly what was being reported by the professionals at the skilled nursing facilities – not only did buckling gel cushions provide extended comfort but it also aided significantly in reducing or eliminating the development of pressure wounds.  Some of the nursing facilities even credited the buckling gel seat cushions with aiding residents in Stage 3 pressure ulcer treatment.

The EquaGel® gel seat cushions for wheelchairs were introduced by GelTechCo in 2011.  In 2013, GelTechCo began offering the second generation of EquaGel® gel seat cushions for wheelchairs. The second generation EquaGel® wheelchair cushions are current product offerings found in this website.  All the EquaGel® wheelchair cushions use the buckling column technology and three of the four wheelchair cushion models are coded by Medicare for reimbursement.

Nancy and Dave are IBM retirees – both with over 30 years of career employment.  Nancy’s expertise was in administration and management in both headquarters and manufacturing plant locations. Dave’s expertise was in sales and management in the branch office environment.

When Nancy and Dave decided to form GelTechCo, they wanted to meet the following criteria:

  • Offer a product that is second to none in quality, performance and reliability
  • Market the product to a business marketplace as well as the general public
  • The product should effectively address a vertical market (healthcare)

GelTechCo Mission Statement

GelTechCo is dedicated to providing only the finest products and services to those in need of cushioning comfort. We do this through the professionals in skilled nursing facilities as well as to individual clients. We will not offer inferior cushioning products to anyone.

Interested In Selling Equagel Cushions?

If you would like to be sell the medical grade Equagel cushions to your clients or customer base directly, contact GelTechCo’s sister company, Marketing Concepts, LLC at (303) 210-5392 or email at info@marketingcncpts.com.