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EquaGel - The most comfortable seat cushions for wheelchairsWhat is EquaGel®?

EquaGel® is a dry polymer gel.  Its ingredients are all natural food-grade products that start out in liquid form.  That liquid mixture is fed into an injection machine that solidifies the gel into an EquaGel® wheelchair cushion.

The buckling columns on EquaGel® were designed to provide extended comfort by spreading the user’s weight across the top of the cushion while relieving for pressure points.  As such, anyone of any weight or shape will not “Hit Bottom” as occurs with all other cushion technologies.

Because of the “open cell” design that is inherent of the buckling columns, there is also air-flow at the points of contact with an EquaGel® wheelchair cushion.  This air-flow is a by-product that also provides a temperature neutral surface.  Hence an EquaGel® wheelchair cushion provides protection against the development of pressure wounds while also offering extended comfort.

“My experience with the EquaGel cushions is limited to only two clients, however both were positive.  One elderly gentleman was very uncomfortable in his wheelchair, and experienced significant relief of discomfort with the General cushion model.  My second client, a developmentally disabled young woman in a wheelchair fulltime, has been using the Basic cushion for about 6 months without any discomfort or pressure sores (she had a history of skin redness, but needed something thin to allow stand pivot transfers).

The materials in this cushion are very unique – there is nothing quite like it on the market.  I do think it has the potential to provide good pressure distribution as well as postural stability (two things which are hard to get together in one cushion).”

Kelly, PT, MAPT, ATP – Assistive Technology Partners – University of Colorado School of Medicine

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