EquaGel® General Cushion


The General Cushion is one of EquaGel’s® best gel cushions for wheelchairs according to skilled rehab facilities, long term facilities and other care facilities.

The EquaGel® General Cushion is 100% EquaGel® and incorporates the two-stage gel configuration.  Much of its popularity with skilled nursing facilities is its low profile (2” high) as well as it includes a ¾” pelvic contour to assist with positioning the user in their wheelchair.

The EquaGel® General Cushion for wheelchair is coded by Medicare for reimbursement as E2601/E2602.   The EquaGel® General Cushion for wheelchair will provide the user with extended comfort, assist in positioning and will aid to prevent pressure sores. This cushion also aids in wound care treatment.

EquaGel® General Cushion for Wheelchair specifications:

  • 100% EquaGel® 2-Stage Gel
    • 1st Stage (Top) has small open cells with thin walls for comfort
    • 2nd Stage (Bottom) has larger cells with thick walls for support
  • 2” High
  • ¾” pelvic contour to more evenly distribute a users weight
  • Fluid-resistant, vapor-permeable and flame-resistant cover

The EquaGel® General Cushion for wheelchair is available in sizes from 16” wide to 22” wide and 16” deep to 20” deep.

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