EquaGel Replacement Covers

EquaGel Replacement Cover

The outer layer of the EquaGel® cushion cover is a stretchy, water-resistant fabric. This fabric is a durable poly-knit fabric backed with poly-urethane that keeps liquid from penetrating into the gel cushion. It is, however, vapor-permeable. What this means is that while fluid cannot seep through the barrier under normal conditions, air is free to pass through the cover.

Airflow is important to mediate heat distribution and a healthy microclimate. A water-resistant barrier that also blocks airflow may create a heat trap. EquaGel® covers do not trap air.

The EquaGel® covers also comply with the California Flame Test #TB133.

The base fabric is a standard low-slip material (poly-ester) with Velcro sections to help secure the cushion to certain wheelchairs.

The covers are washable either by machine (warm water) or by hand and should be allowed to air dry.


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